Space Industry

Space is one of the markets with the highest potential.

There are countless opportunities for companies and professionals who want to enter this industry.

Our department’s goal is to help you seize this opportunity by guiding you within the space market, or by enabling you to use space research know-how to develop new products and services for your business.


Space Architecture & Design

The multidisciplinary field of designing living environments for the moon, Mars and life in zero-g.

Space Biotechnology

The solution needed to meet all of the needs of long-term space missions, address the challenges of life in space and on other planets.

Space Entrepreneurship

Best strategies for starting a new business or start-up in space industry.

Space Psychology

Application of psychology to advise human life in space, including team selection, mental preparation and ongoing psychological support.

Space Law

The set of rules of international law that regulate the legal regime of space, celestial bodies and all related activities.

Want to get into the Space Market?


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