Innovation & Tech-transfer

We are all aware that innovation is crucial to be competitive.

So why do companies struggle to innovate?

Disruptive Innovation Strategy

From idea to impact

Starting from your companies’ core-business, assets and know-how, we will identify growth domains to generate new business opportunities

This path will take you through the design of an innovative business model to the creation of disruptive market-ready products and services.

We will make your new business sustainable and, above all, feasible.


Bridging the Gap to Technological Advancement

With our experience and network of experts, professionals and stakeholders, we help your company adopt emerging technologies and innovations.

The goal of technology transfer is to enable a wider group of users to access scientific and technological advances, empowering them to advance and use innovation to create new products, processes, applications or services.

Technology transfer transforms knowledge into money.

CXO Program

Make the best decisions for your company’s future

As a decision maker today, it is critical for you to know how innovations and technologies are changing will redefine the near future.
The CXO program is a shortcut to giving you an awareness of the potential impact of emerging innovations on markets. 

We know how much your daily work affects your agenda. 
That is why we have designed the program so that it can give you maximum value in the shortest possible time.