Biotechnology stands as a groundbreaking realm of science leading the charge in research and innovation, having made swift strides in recent times. It represents a vast field in which living organisms or biological processes are harnessed to forge novel technologies with the capacity to revolutionize our lifestyles and work dynamics. 

Biotechnology holds the promise of enhancing sustainability and industrial productivity to new heights.


Space Biotechnology

The solution needed to meet all of the needs of long-term space missions, address the challenges of life in space and on other planets.


The set of applications and integrations of technologies with production and control processes in the agri-food sector.

Digital Health

The use of information and communication technologies in to manage diseases and health risks and to promote well-being.

Future of Food

Technologies and innovations that will change production processes, distribution and food practices for a more sustainable food industry.

Future of Medicine

Tech advances that will improve knowledge of diseases and change approaches to diagnosis and treatment, for more precise, predictive, and personalized healthcare.

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