Architecture Engineering & Construction

The construction industry (AEC) is about to experience a radical change that will disrupt the global market. 

Multiple technological innovations, social and geopolitical changes, and new requirements are already redefining the paradigms of this field.

The only way to survive and become competitive in a market that will soon evolve through technology is to acquire the knowledge needed to ride the change.


3D Printing of Buildings

The technology to make buildings faster, safer, cheaper and more sustainable (and democratic) buildings.

Computational Design

The approach that unleashes the creative and feasibility potential of design through computation.

Building Metabolism

This field focuses on making the life of the building quantifiable in its vital functions and interaction with the environment.

Space Architecture & Design

The multidisciplinary field of designing living environments for the moon, Mars and life in zero-g.

Construction Site Digitalization

Digitization of all site processes, from procurement to execution, for more efficient and optimized management.

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