Webinar Digital Space Studies

Your gateway to the space industry LIVE WEBINAR ​​​​​​​Space is the emerging market that offers the most business and job opportunities.​​​​​​​To democratise access to these opportunities, a partnership was born that is unparalleled in the world.During the webinar, experts from International Space University and the School of Disruption will explain what are the businees opportunities related to this industry […]

Webinar Space Biotechnology

Human life on Mars LIVE WEBINAR ​​​​​​​Fasten your seatbelt because during this webinar we are going to make the most mind-blowing journey in the history of mankind, with the red planet as our destination. Our species, in its eagerness to venture into the unknown, has managed in recent centuries to reach previously unimaginable places, culminating in several walks on the surface of […]


Discover the technology that is reshaping the construction industry LIVE WEBINAR ​​​​​​​Today, 3D printing is one of the fastest growing construction technologies, which opens new and exciting business opportunities for those determined to shape a better tomorrow. The construction industry has not experienced radical changes for too long. Now it is about to face a disruption that will revolutionize the way […]


Discover how construction becomes a living organism LIVE WEBINAR ​​​​​​​Join us for a transformative webinar tailored for entrepreneurs, architects and designers, delving into the fascinating realm of Building Metabolism. Explore the dynamic interplay between structures and their environment, unlocking sustainable design potentials.